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June 2015 News

House Husbands shoot season 4 is coming to a close and I have had a wonderful time. We go to air in several months and the stories are many and varied, so tune in to follow the highs and lows of all the House Husbands cast of characters. Miss Looby has been presented with some fantastic situations and some surprising outcomes. I have been able to apply much of my recent study to investigate Miss Looby’s journey with profound outcomes. Such fun. I look forward to sharing the work with all of you.

During the last few months I also completed a terrific guest role on Utopia for Working Dog. I play a safety officer with hilarious results. I had great fun working with the Utopia team.

During the first months of this year I have completed 3 Performance Workshops. One stage 1 in Sydney in March my first up there which was incredibly exciting. A fabulous group of very experienced Actors and Performers who threw themselves off into the work with great gusto. Then a Stage 2 in May, my first, in Melbourne for those who had completed a Stage 1 workshop.

Astounding work was achieved and I had the pleasure of watching the brave and remarkable work for 2 unforgettable days. I then completed another Stage 1 Workshop a week later in Sydney for a young brave group who took to the work with willingness and courage. Rewarding them with fabulous outcomes. I have 3 more workshops planned for later this year. 2 in Melbourne and a one day in Sydney in November. All details are on the Workshop page.

Experienced a great day at the Williamstown Writers Festival where I was asked to read some text of my choice along with a fabulous group of other well known Actors. We all chose a piece to read that meant something to us. I chose to read 2 Charles Bukowski Poems old favourites which had a relevance given they are both about Writing. Our audience loved the experience which reminds me afresh how people love being read to at any age. Was a priviledge to be a part of it.

Lastly my interview about Alba Emoting in the current MEAA magazine is now posted on the Workshop page.

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