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January 2017 News

My 2016 was a feast of creativity and action.

I completed some of the most fantastic collaborative projects and celebrated the fifth season of House Husbands. Where did those five years go?

And so to 2017……

I begin 2017 with several projects that will take me the year to complete.

Working on ideas with colleagues that will come to life in various forms come 2018.

The first of which is a wonderful show that my dear friend and colleague Julia Morris and I have dreamt up. We will be working with great gusto through 2017 to bring it to light in 2018. Stay tuned.

Another great project I am beginning is a one woman show which I commence work on at the end of this month (January) with my dear friend Ross Meuller. We did two shows together last year ( ‘ I CAN’T EVEN at Malthouse and ‘ The last ten minutes of History’ at the Courthouse ) and have worked over a long period as creative allies.

I approached Ross early 2016 with the idea to make a show after completing “I Can’t Even” at Malthouse last April. I played Malcolm Turnbull in the lead up to last year’s election. Such a thrill to perform. I loved working alone on a show and asked if Ross might consider making a show for me. And so we begin. We are making our way through with ideas and prompts to see where the creativity takes us. I will keep you posted. Very exciting.

I am in the process of creating a book which stems from a project I began unexpectedly last year. I decided to draw each day for a year and discovered numerous extraordinary things that I would like to share with others about creativity and life.

That will take me the coming year to do but it began as a tiny seed and is now something wondrous in terms of where it has taken me.

I am making my way through the numerous drawings and writing that consumed me for 2016 and determining what form the book will take.

Again I will update you as to my progress with this very joyful project.

My performance life for 2017 will begin with several guest roles on TV series both of which I am not able to speak about (confidentiality agreements prevent discussion) but will be posting more information as I complete these terrifically funny roles.

I then launch into a co-production of the wonderful comedy ‘Noises Off’ with QTC/MTC beginning in April.

I rehearse and perform in Brisbane before bringing the show to Melbourne in July and play through to August. We have a wonderful cast from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane directed by the hugely talented Sam Strong the Artistic Director of Queensland Theatre Company. It will be my first time working with Sam and I very much looking forward to it having loved so many of his shows in the past.

At this stage House Husbands season five goes to air next month I am thrilled to share the work as from year to year the characters and situations expand and deepen their relationships.

There is much to discover with Miss Looby and new and exciting characters joining the show. Both Hugh Sheridan and Delta Goodrem were new to HH and both fabulous compatriots to work and play with, for those months of filming.

And then of course there are shows that will come in to surprise me as the year unfolds. The life of any Actor is always delivering unexpected possibilities.

So my year is asking a lot of my time and skills which is exciting and challenging in equal measure.

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