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January 2016 News

2016 opens post the continued success of Series 4 House Husbands. We return for our 5th season in 2016 beginning our shoot schedule from May 2016. I am excited to continue as Miss Looby given all the transitions and events of 2015.

As always I am loving the opportunity to give life to Miss Looby’s journey, inside Nepean South as the ever present Principal and out in the wider world where we have followed Miss Looby’s family and love life. Great fun to play so I eagerly await the story lines for 2016, asking the question, ‘what next for Miss Looby ?” Stay tuned to find out in 2016 and thank you for tuning in to watch the hugely successful 4 seasons so far, your support and love for the show is greatly appreciated.

2015 also offered me the chance to play a guest role on Utopia, another highly successful Aussie Comedy which I was delighted to jump into. Lynda the OH and S consultant lays out her agenda over 2 very long days of instruction. Huge fun go to the video link to view some of the work. Loved working with Rob Stitch and all the other Utopia regulars, have long been a ‘Working Dog’ admirer, so was thrilled to be part of this creative Aussie team.

I also had the great priviledge of being offered 2 episodes on Rake the 2016 series. Shooting took place in October 2015. Again a hugely popular ABC show starring the wonderful Richard Roxburgh. So stay tuned to see the outcome when the show returns in 2016. Release date is yet to be announced. I will tell more about the role as the air date is released.

So all in all amongst play readings for MTC working on new Aussie plays, guest roles, Voice Overs, Workshops in both Melbourne and Sydney, along with my time on House Husbands. 2015 galloped by with creative opportunities aplenty. I look forward to an even bigger year in 2016.

I will be presenting 2 new workshops in Melbourne starting the end of February and then again the first weekend in March 2016. Sharing my methods studied in America, with Actors and performers wishing to invigorate their practice. It is a thrilling time for me to offer this work here in Australia and to help others progress their skills and talents. More dates will follow as the year unfolds. Go to the Workshop page to see details for these workshops and the work being explored.

‘Sucker’ the film I shot in 2014 was released in 2015. We premiered at MIFF the Melbourne International Film Festival. We played 3 sold out sessions to packed houses. The audience loved it so it will get a continued release starring the remarkable Timothy Spall amongst others. Great fun playing the rather down trodden Bar Lady involved in the film’s scam. So much fun.

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